Song Unite at the i-wise Centre at Frank Wise School Banbury

Song Unite had the pleasure of working with a great team of young songwriters from the Frank Wise School in Banbury. Over a period of 3 consecutive Saturdays in the fabulous i-wise Centre at the School, the students worked as a song writing Team and together, from ‘nothing’, they created and wrote their own ‘original’ lyrics and song. They then experienced the process of recording their song. They sang and recorded their instrumentation which you will hear within the song. As part of the song writing process, we introduce and include visual art  and apart from writing the song, the students also design the cover of their professionally produced CD case.

Song Unite is proud to present their song … ‘In My Dreams’    

Song Unite would like to thank  Oxfordshire County Council for funding this project

“What has been especially refreshing about this experience, as well as seeing students clearly enjoying themselves immensely, has been the level of inclusivity that has been present in each and every session, and has allowed some of our less independent students the chance to have as much input as our more vocal and expressive students. This has been due to Chris and Amanda’s fantastic skills in working with students like ours, and I cannot express how glad I am that they are keen to return for another course later in the year.  Having run many such courses for our students, I can appreciate the value of good feedback, and so I must thank Chris, Amanda and Steve and for their tireless work, which has yielded some of the best parent and student feedback I have seen”.  

“What an amazing experience! Chris and Amanda had instant rapport with students and staff alike.  All of our young people were included, whatever their abilities.  This course proved that even those with limited speech can be supported to play their part in the song writing process.  

Thank you Song Unite, please, please come again!”


Creative… Art - Performance - Song Writing - Singing - Recording …

We are also Proud to Present “ACTION!” Written by ‘The Create Club’

Welcome to ‘The Create Club’ Creatives.

Not only did all 9 members write every lyric to this, their song but they took part in many artistic activities including Art, Movement, Singing, Performance and recording (vocal and instrumentation) which resulted in them also achieving and being awarded their ‘Discover’ Arts Award. Since then, 1 student has passed his Bronze and 5 have gone on to take and pass their ‘Explore’ Arts Award.   


Always time for a laugh at Song Unite!

A Gift for our Guest

Rehearsing with the Helen, the Director

The Team  with our Friend and Patron Clem Cattini

Students enjoyed a Ground Breaking Television Production Project which was also part of making a Documentary for TV and the start and part of their           Arts Award Bronze (Level 1) course.


Hanna Ljunggren (Reporter) meets the students, takes photographs and and writes her article. Click on the Banbury Guardian logo below to …  “Read all about it”

A seven week course with 14 sixth form students at the Griffiths Centre and as part of their Project, together they created a canvas painting and their Song - ‘GC Groove’.

Within a week of completing their Project and inspired to do more, they created this 1 minute video  of moments captured on camera.  Thank you and Congratulations GC Groovers!


Chris, Amanda and Steve from Song Unite have delivered an excellent fully inclusive, seven  week art, singing, song writing and recording experience here at Frank Wise School. The culmination of this project has been a finished CD with a unique song written and performed by the sixth form students. Not only that but the art work for the CD was also created by the students specifically with their abilities being celebrated.

We are delighted with the finished product and highly recommend the opportunity that Song Unite offer.

Their rapport with staff and students alike made it a complete joy.

Dean Cooke

Senior Teacher

Frank Wise School Sixth Form